Friday, September 11, 2009

Never Forget

Ira Zaslow

I have the privilege to help you remember today, the life of Ira Zaslow. This is a man I never met, but as I check through the internet, I wish I had. Perhaps the the nicest thing I learned about him was that he was successful by just about every measurement, but did not flaunt it or have to let you know. I'm sure that if you met him in the elevator you would have thought him to just be "one of the guys".

I'm going to let you learn more about him from people who knew him much better; family and friends. Please take a few minutes of your time today and follow the link below.

"Ira Zaslow
, an outstanding family man, dedicated colleague and dear friend was a person who wanted his children, family and friends to contribute to their community and exhibit the strong moral character he so greatly possessed. To honor him and carry on his special legacy within our family, we have established this site."

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